This page is under construction......and it will never be "Finished".
Hi, I'm Wireman, but my Pards call me Wiry. My pards ask me, along with the "New Folks", ...Where'd ya git dat, or Who showed ya dat, or SAY WHUT??? So I decided to put together a Place where you, my Pards, can look it up!  This page was made possible by the Gift of WEB Space by Jack B. Nimble. Who without his gift and tutoring This page would not be possible. I am solely responsible for the content of this page, so if you don't like it,or want something added,  tell me not him.

Thanks Jack!

This should wet yer whistle while things are being constructed
Just for Fun.....
Jack-a-lopes run wild

The School House.........
Discussions about the Rules of the Game.

Ol' Dogs can learn new tricks....
Shooting Tips

DIY Corner
Gunsmithing and Loading info..



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